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graphic motif / object

웹 상에서 공유하거나 다운로드 받기만 해도 특별한 효과를 볼 수 있다는 이미지들이 미신처럼 퍼지는 것을 목격할 때가 있다.
‘wish’와 ‘macguffin’을 조합해 이름 지은 ‹Wishuffin›은, 목적은 있으나 근거는 없는 그러한 이미지들을 재료 삼아 만든 작업물이다.
검색을 통해서 효력을 가진 이미지를 수집한 후, 각 효과별로 해당되는 이미지들을 한 화면 안에 합성했다.   

– 돈 들어오는 이미지
– 예뻐지는 이미지
– 애인 생기는 이미지

sometimes I see images spreading like superstitions that have a special effect and work by just sharing or downloading on the web.
‹Wishuffin›, named after the combination of 'wish' and 'macguffin', is a work made of such images with purpose but no basis. After collecting the effective images, the images corresponding for each effect were synthesized in one screen.

– an image that brings you money
– an image that brings you beauty
– an image that makes you a lover